Since the previous post was about The 3Ps For Success, I thought I’d share with you on a topic that I wrote about in my personal blog about a year ago about the quest to find passion

On 8th May, the company that I’m working at, celebrated the 13th annual Community Day around the world to bring the company values to life and giving back to the communities. Here in Singapore, we went out to a local non-profit organisation which runs a family service centre.  The employees-turned-volunteers for the day were split into different teams doing multiple activities such as painting and re-furbishing key areas, assembling food packages and to have fun & interactive activities with the kids.  I chose to be involved with the kids’ activities because for obvious reasons – it’s something that is close to my heart as I’m a parent myself.

The morning started of well when we guided and supervised some 7 to 8 year olds with the paintings that they were tasked to do.  This was the same in the later part of the day, for the second group of kids who were much older ranging from 9 to 12 year olds.  As expected with any activities involving kids, there were excitement, cuteness and chaos all rolled up into one.  I guess I can say this because I’ve got 3 kids of my own within this age group and many, many years ago I had like close to 40 kids multiplied by 2 or 3…. Yes I was once upon a time a teacher!!!

As the day went by, I made an interesting observation amongst the volunteers which had a mixed of both genders (majority female) and also a combination of parents and those who are young and of single-status or married with no children yet. I noticed that for those who are parents, the reaction to the scene described above (in bold), was calm and collected (in general).  Interestingly, the latter group was looking at the kids with the “Awwwwww…they’re so cute!” in the beginning to “Oh no! They’re like little monsters…we need to get out….pronto!!”… only halfway through the day.  Whilst smiling at these small observations, I had a moment of insight to write on ‘finding passion’.


As I said earlier, I was once a teacher for the primary school level.  I remembered that being a teacher was not really a choice I made voluntarily.  Let’s just say, I was just ‘pushed’ into it as my other options back then were limited.  After 2 years of training, I embarked on the journey to make teaching as my career.  It was actually not that bad really…I guess the foundation during the training years equipped me with the ability to cope at a basic level to do my job well.

Over the years, I found my liking  in being with the kids growing bit by bit, at least when I’m with them fully during classroom time.  Of course, there were those ‘hair-pulling’ moments that led to the occassional migraines and the lost of voice which was really the No.1 occupational hazzard (at least in my case)!  But alas after 3 years in the service, I realised that my passion for teaching as a career was not strong enough to sustain my desire to continue the profession.

As much as I loved being in the classroom – imparting new knowledge and skills to the children, the frustration of all other non-teaching related matters began to take a toll on me.  Slowly, I dreaded the thought of progressing and seeing myself as a retired teacher was not in my line of vision for career success.  So I made the decision to leave after much consideration.  Although I was relieved that I made that decision, I recalled that I was actually quite affected with it especially after looking and reading at the many cards and letters that I received over the years from my students.

I realised then that kids are kids….when they speak or write….it is with utmost sincerity and this was reflected in their work of art (be it simple or complicated, big or small) when they give teachers their note of appreciation.

After I left the teaching profession, I tried on different jobs in the private sector, namely sales and marketing.  I thought as I began my new journey to explore the career path, I was also hoping to regain the passion or at least find new ones.  Verdict – I couldn’t find it unfortunately!


Then a few months later, an opportunity came knocking at my door!  The company was looking for a trainer to train their beauty consultants and at the same time would like the trainer to go to schools to conduct grooming talks for students!  Well…I know that I’ve always love anything related to beauty and fashion since I was in my teens,  and of course I had the experience as a teacher….so I guess they found the right fit in me and offered me the role! 🙂  Hence began my career in training and as the saying goes…“the rest is history!” 

I rediscovered my passion in teaching in the form of training.  I believe it’s not so much of the profession but the nature of the work that defines my passion.  I know that I simply love interacting with people and the art of communication is something that I take seriously.  Besides that, I love to share….new knowledge, new skills, new ideas…. My husband, who knows me well enough from my teaching days till now, would affirm this passion of mine.  He even said that once I’m in my element, I will not stop ‘blabbing’! hahaha…. Yes, I can go on and on….forever! (Gosh….I even talk in my sleep!!)


So now my career span in the training/learning & development capacity has been almost 20 years (yes…so now you know how young I am!).  Do I still have the passion for it?  Definitely yes!  Am I still looking for new passion?  Well in fact, yes!  I know that some people (and many of whom are my friends) have discovered their passion (other than those professionally related) in art, jewelry making, baking, etc.

I’m constantly on the lookout to discover new passion… far, there’s been quite a few that passes through like passing clouds, but nothing that’s concrete that’d require me to act on it.  Perhaps one day, it’ll come whichever direction it’s from… and if it does, I’d like to share that with you for sure!

What’s YOUR passion?

Have you discovered something new lately?

I’d be happy to hear your finding passion moment………

Have a ‘passion-ful’ day! 🙂