Our TV went ‘kaput’ yesterday! And it had to happen on the weekend with upcoming football matches in the schedule. We knew to have it repaired was pointless, so we went shopping. We went to a nearby retailer selling multi-brands consumer electronics goods. As we were browsing, a Sales Associate approached us. He immediately introduced us to the promotions that the store had for various brands. Prior to getting there, we’ve already shortlisted 2 brands. So I went ahead to ask the obvious question -“What’s the difference?” The reply I got amused me – “They’re the same, just different brand…” I pressed further for him to tell me more and he confidently highlighted the ONE big difference – that TV A has a pointer & TV B doesn’t! As a #retail / #customerservice trainer, it just irks me when I get such response! Yes, he was friendly & patient, but clearly lacking some fundamentals in his attempt to get a sale from us:
  1. Not once did he try to find out our needs – he just jumped into introducing promotions stuff.
  2. His product knowledge was questionable – he talked about a couple of features (especially the pointer) BUT did not highlight any benefits to me.
Part of retail sales training process is to train the sales associates on
  • how to build rapport & trust
  • be able to to show a product through demonstrating its features & importantly the benefits.
  • be knowledgeable to compare & contrast products
  • being able to overcome objections to sell the value of the product, not price.
Regardless the size of your business, it’s vital to invest in #training for your employees. And of course putting in place a consistent coaching process on the floor. What say you? #CX #retail training If you want to know more about retail/customer service training, do drop me an email at norzlin@uniqconsultancy.com   About Me: Norzlin Salleh is the owner & founder of UNIQ Consultancy. I help individuals to discover & create their unique blueprint for transformative change through training & coaching. I’m also an avid advocate of customer experience & retail service excellence. Find out moreĀ here.