Transitioning to a new career and industry is inevitable especially when you could be facing these scenarios:
  • Stuck in a job that doesn’t fit you
  • You start to feel meaningless or no job satisfaction
  • Your role has been made redundant
  • You’ve been out of the scene for awhile and ready to come back
  • You’ve been in the scene too long and wants to explore the unknown

We all go through this at some point. Making the move towards the decision to transit can lead you to either the chosen path or otherwise.  After all, this is not just about your career – it is about your life.

Having gone through the myriad stages of transition myself, I know it can be tough. Each stage is different. And how you take it on may differ depending on age , needs, motivation, etc. This then translates to the amount of risks you’re willing to take to make the next move.

Most time, the stakes are high which could have an impact on any (or all) of these:

  • The financial commitment
  • The change of lifestyle
  • The lack of experience or skills to venture in that unknown territory
  • The loss of income or paycut

Here’s the thing – we know we need to make a move, BUT the dreaded thing happens…we are CLUELESS!

It’s those moments when we have NO IDEA what to do or could be done next even after talking with family and friends. You’ve hit the ROADBLOCKS!

So, how do we deal with these?  The way a person navigates a career transition translates into the difference between amazing success and failure.


Here are some tips gathered from lessons learnt by working with clients who went through this & through mine as well.


Know the reasons behind…

It’s not unreasonable that you may feel a desire for change. For some, it’s just about having that burning desire to start a business. For others it’s because they’ve reached that mid-career level state.  This is the time you do a quick assessment of your current state. The question is, why do you want the change, followed by what change and what’s the right change for you?

When you give this some thoughts, you’ll be surprised with the many possibilities behind the reason for wanting to transit.


Visualising the end state…

When I first pondered on the idea of leaving my teaching career many years ago, I had a crystal clear vision of where I wanted to be! And that vision did not include me being a Head of Department or a School Principal.  I knew that it would be the corporate world.  I saw an image of myself in ‘corporate wear’ and working in a nice cool office.

Depending on where you are in your career stage, your VISION may change or get bigger.

As an in-house Trainer, when I felt that I had the right skills that can be applied elsewhere, I pictured myself working for renowned brands.  And I did!

Then my picture got bigger as I see myself bringing my skillsets across different industries.  And I did!

A few years later, a new vision cropped up – I see myself helping more people to work towards their goals and achieve them to achieve their fullest potential.  That picture grew by the years, and I did it!

The fact is that you can’t deny the power of visualisation.  However you do it, capture it and internalise it!

For a strong, successful transition, you’ll need to identify what is currently making you unsatisfied, and visualise what will make you happy in the future.


Weighing the Push & Pull…

To move or not to move is a common dilemma when we are at a career transition point.  What makes it harder is when there are so many questions playing through our mind – am I too young / too old for this?; can I fit in the culture there?; is the huge paycut OK?; will this business idea work?.…  Are these familiar?

One of the best strategies applied by my clients is making a list of the ‘pull & push’ factors.    Most times, one column will have more points listed than the other and as you work through the list, you will reach a point where there will be more clarity depending on which motivates you more – the push or the pull factor.


Plan & Act…

“To know and not to do is not yet to know.” ~ Buddhist proverb

Making a decision to change our career path is a huge crosscroad to overcome for many.  Whilst most people may think it’s far from possible especially when it comes to crossing across industries or making a total pivot from becoming an employee to an entrepreneur, the reality is, IT IS POSSIBLE!

We have talked about the stakes being high when we face such dilemmas, but the thing is, the stakes are much HIGHER if we do not do anything about it.  So once you have got the motion going with the tips above, the next big step is to start planning  and act on them.

Whether you’re on to the next big job or to starting up your enterprising business, the real work begins after you have experienced the shift from CLUELESS TO INSIGHTFUL state.


How did you come out from your clueless state?  Share your experience in the comments below.


 Remember, the journey we choose is our roadmap to our destiny.  #ownyourdestiny



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