As I’m starting to type the title of this blog, I could hear Dory singing “just keep swimming, just keep swimming… ”


And so here I am again, after a long hiatus from blogging, decided to pen my thoughts on paper.

Lots have been happening since then…the kids have grown and moved to a higher level in their respective schools. I have had an awesome 2 year journey in a two-wheeler automotive industry. Connected and made new friendships. Then reconnecting with old ties. One word – Amazing!

It was only up to recent weeks, as I transitioned into my new role in a new organisation, the mode of deep reflection started flushing out of my system. Maybe it was the new environment, or the coming into a new year, or just the age thing…but it surely made me sit up again and asked myself “what is it?”. The familiarity of the unfamiliar emotions that brings back the uncertainties surrounding yourself.

With all these emotions checking in one at a time, I felt lost again some moments and at times had a glimpse of my highs. The coach in me stirred the positive self talk to constantly battle some of those negativities. Until I chanced upon this quote:


Couldn’t agree more! And with that, I took a deep breath and visualised myself as that turtle…just keep on moving…slowly but surely, its the small steps that matter! 🙂

How far are you with your steps?