In most organisations, developing a thorough LNA (learning needs analysis) is important as part of designing the employees’ development plan. 

The next crucial part is to of course execute this. So you start to think through the different elements to map out the plan which could be in the form of mentoring, coaching or training.

If the needs identified are in the areas of training, what do you  look for when determining a suitable training programme for your employees?



This usually becomes the first criteria as companies often set aside a budget for employees’ learning & development (L&D).  Understandably because of that, some L&D practitioners may zoom in straight to those that are within the budget. Often times, the most cost effective ones are those offered as public programmes. With that, most times, the content is generic as obviously it is meant for the general audience. 

I’ve always had the preference to look beyond pricing and assess what the training provider could offer. 

Where feasible, I opt for in-house which means we’re likely to pay for design & delivery costs.


You can have the options of picking off-the-shelves programmes (typically developed for public runs) or customised content (designed specifically to meet in-house learning needs / audience). The beauty of the latter is in the word ‘customised’ which also translates to personalised content for your target audience. 

I love working with clients to produce the right content for their employees. Of course time is invested to ensure you can get it right but usually the satisfaction that comes with it afterwards is worth the investment for both parties.


Without a doubt, you want someone that is not only a Subject Matter Expert (SME), but a reliable one too.  

Perhaps it’s the years of experience or maybe it’s the warm personality…basically you want someone that can connect and engage with your audience.  Someone that your team can resonate with.

Value-add services

More and more providers are offering this, which is great! What sort of add-on services are the ones that resonate with your employees’ needs?

Where applicable especially for sales or customer service training, we usually pack it with onsite coaching.

So, which would be a priority for you? 

Training is an investment. You can get ROI when you make the right choice!



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